Fresh install ask me input on TV

i wanted to make a fresh install, do i downloaded the last installer for pi 2 (windows) and made the sdcard (wired and static ip), put it in my Pi, it started no probs, but now it ask me to choose a country … ?? how i do , the remote is not set yet…
i made something wrong ? how i deal with this input to do ?
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Nothing you did wrong there but the installer would expect at least a basic input device is connected at the installation time. So your options most likely are only:

  1. Your TV Remote via CEC (cursor and enter should work)
  2. Connect a USB Keyboard temporarily

Smartphone app will work too. We enable remote access out of box and if he has a wired connection he will likely have DHCP.

i did this, the CEC is disable on my Tv, i use an harmony remote (rc6 , ir on gpio). So i used an usb keyboard, and it worked.
thx for the fast answer.

@sam_nazarko : i tried the first time, but kodi android app didn’t found my osmc (i use wired connexion with a static IP, perhaps it’s why DHCP was used ), it’s why i asked here.
i didn’t made a fresh install for a long time, in my mind, we didn’t need a keyboard or other in older version to finish the installation.

best regards.

I will see if we can improve this in the future

Your Harmony is being decided by the Rc6 decoder which I disabled by default to avoid duplicate presses. Really, you should use an LIRC profile.

I’ll try to find one, not have too much time in fact… but good to know.
best regards