Fresh install fails to boot, complains about log in service

I’ve just downloaded the latest OSMC from the website (2015-06.1) onto the SD card for a Raspberry Pi 1 (model B).

It started up and went through the install steps without any issues, but now that it’s trying to boot it’s unable to start the log in service. It’s got 3 things that it’s cycling through and I’ve got ‘screenshots’ of them here.

It’s been cycling through these for about 10 minutes now, but if it gets any further I’m going to try and go through the logs to troubleshoot.

Failing to boot on a brand new fresh install is going to be a hardware fault or compatibility issue.

The most likely cause (assuming the SD card was written to OK by the installer) is going to be a problem with the SD card. What model of SD card is it, and do you have a different make/model SD card you could try ?

Thanks for your quick reply DBMandrake.

If that was the case I’d have expected the installer to fail, rather than the loading up after the first restart. The screen is similar now but it’s complaining about dependencies failing for the Set Time using HTTP query, and it’s only got 2 jobs that are running trying to start services so it’s progressed in some way! I’m not in a mad rush so I’m going to leave it for an hour or so and see where it gets to. Failing that I’ll see if I’ve got another SD card lying around, or another computer I can write it from.

The problem is almost certainly a Disk IO problem - just because the installer completed doesn’t mean that it isn’t having problems reading the SD card when booting. Not all SD cards are 100% compatible with the Raspberry Pi.

If this was a widespread problem we’d have seen other reports by now but so far only you have described this problem so it will be something peculiar to your setup.

Tried a different SD card (rather than a Micro in an adapter) and it worked fine. Thanks for your time.

If you have an original Pi with the full size SD slot the problem is very likely poor contact to the pins - with age the spring contacts in the SD slot lose their tension and no longer make reliable contact with the pins on the card. This seems to be a relatively well known problem.

This seems to be much more common with micro SD adapters than an actual full size card - seemingly the adapters are just a tiny bit thinner at the contacts, and that’s all it takes.

My original Pi B no longer works with any of my micro SD adaptors without a piece of paper between the non contact side of the card and the slot (!) to pad out the thickness a bit.

First it was unreliable and sometimes hung during boot as you experienced then eventually it started failing to boot at all. (Black screen)

With the paper to pad the adaptor thickness (thus putting a little more tension on the contacts) or a full size SD card it still works fine.

I experimented today the same problem with a SanDisk 64Gb memory card.

This was OP’s resolution. The thread is 3 years old and highly unlikely to have any relevance to your issue. Create your own thread please, and give more detail as to exactly what you have done and exactly what the outcome has been.

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