From RP3 to Vero 4K : watchlist status


Recent owner of a Vero 4K i’m wondering how to transfer watchlist status.

Any idea ?


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Thanks. I added the TV show source, i validated the “scan” from TVDB, didn’t get back my watchlist status.

Also make sure Pi 3 and Vero 4K are on the same
version of Kodi (i.e. Krypton)

They are :slight_smile:

Great answer, thanks. That’s what I was really looking for! :wink:

I think you may need to use for watched status. I don’t remember from the top of my head.

If some of my folders already contain an nfo file, will the backup overwrite it? Or will the files be stored somewhere else?
My library is still 50% a big mess unfortunately.

I simply use the Trakt addon. Create an account on and fill in your credentials in the addon on your RP3.
Do a library scan and sit back, it will take some time to set all the watched statuses in your account.
After it is done, i would recommend a reboot, it will do another full trakt update. Then you are done.

Then replace the RP3 for the Vero, install the addon and fill in your credentials, it will update all watched statuses in Kodi :slight_smile:

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The backup copies the library, addons and user data (such as settings) as is.
It won’t touch NFO files but will not back them up. NFOs should be on the remote share or drive hosting the content.