Froze after update to 16.0

I was on 15.2 with refocus skin.
Did an update for Jarvis 16.0
Everthing went good, but osmc hangs/froze on first start-up. It loads till the Refocus grabbing fanart screen and hangs/freeses.
Is refocus the problem or something else.
If refocus the problem, how can i make it start-up with osmc skin? I can only ssh via iphone to OSMC.
No pc available.

Did you leave it running for a while in that frozen state?
As mentioned in the blog note at the first start the database will be updated which can take up to 10 minutes

Yes, for about 30 min.
I had read the comment for letting it load for 10 min.
After the 30 min. i made a sudo reboot.
I still freezes when i start it up.
What can i do?

You could try deleting guisettings.xml which will revert the skin to the default OSMC skin and also revert other settings under Settings to defaults, via SSH:

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
rm -f /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml

Have you checked whether Refocus is compatible with Jarvis yet ? Not all 3rd party skins have yet been updated to be compatible.

Thanks Drake,

That helped starting OSMC up again.
I think the Refocus skin is not compatible with Jarvis yet. Maybe we should mention this and ask people to select OSMC skin before doing an update.
Thanks alot you guys, you made my day​:+1::grinning:

It seems that compatible skins are (for the moment) :

• Aeon Nox 5
• Amber
• AppTV
• Black Glass Nova
• Chroma
• Confluence
• Eunique
• KOver
• Mimic
• Nebula
• Rapier
• re-Touched
• Titan
• Transparency!


Great post Fredouye :slightly_smiling:

a Kodi 16 / Jarvis compatible version of reFocus is now available on the Kodi official repo.