Frustrating connection problems with new hard drive in my OSMC

So I created a user called osmc on Ubuntu, made it an administrator, formatted the thumb drive I was going to plug into my Rasberri Pi called OSMCexternal, so the Username of that drive was osmc, then I gave everyone and anyone permissions to read and write on it.
I plug it into the Rasberri Pi.

on my Ubuntu side “smb://osmc-tristram/osmc/” connects just fine, but “smb://osmc-tristram/OSMCexternal/” returns “unable to access location, failed to mount windows share: software caused connection abort”

On the windows side I am able to access both of them, the address on windows is :\OSMC-TRISTRAM\OSMCexternal"
I mention that because on my windows laptop is where I have the webclient into “myIP:9091/transmission/web/” and I just copy and paste the above address as the default download location, but it tells me I don’t have permission to write anything to that drive, even though I created a user called osmc just for it and I know every username and password on this network.

not sure what else to add, I tried to do this one with out asking for help, my research lead me to believe so long as the drive was “created” by “osmc” it would have all the permissions it needs.

Check this out

Alternatively mount it in Ubuntu via fstab

After I posted all that I noticed something else, on the windows side under the security tab for OSMC-TRISTRAM it has 3 users “Everyone, osmc (Unix Group\osmc), osmc (OSMC-TRISTRAM\osmc)”

while the OSMCexternal’s security tab has “Everyone, 1002 (Unix User\1002), 1002 (Unix Group\1002)”

I assume this difference is why their permissions are so different, but no idea how to make OSMCexternals security tab look more like OSMC-TRISTRAM’s.

I searched for “usershare template” in smb.conf and it came up with zero hits.

smb.conf on your Pi.

Just by way of a FYI, you created a user “osmc” on Ubuntu that has a different user id (uid) than on OSMC. This is the uid on OSMC:

osmc@osmc:~$ id
uid=1000(osmc) gid=1000(osmc) groups=1000(osmc),4(adm),6(disk),7(lp),20(dialout),24(cdrom),29(audio),44(video)

It looks like it’s 1002 on Ubuntu The operating system uses the uid (and group id / gid) when deciding permissions.

You don’t say what filesystem you used when formatting the drive.

ext4 was what I read was best.

I see, is there an easy way to change the uid?

As you are using samba to access the shared drive you don’t need that users on Ubuntu nor on Windows. You just can use the username/password when connecting to the samba share and all user rights will be translated

A good choice but is subject to Linux filesystem access control.

Can user osmc on the Pi write to the drive?

The problem is not user access rights in the first instance. Samba is crashing and I gave the solution above

I don’t think I installed Samba on windows, but I definitely installed it on Ubuntu, not getting why it connects to windows so fine but not Ubuntu, also not getting why it never has good enough permissions to download torrents in the transmission web client.

Did you made the change I linked you to?

Samba emulates the SMB filesharing system that Windows traditionally uses by default. Linux boxes can talk to each other without it but you need it to get into a Windows network.