Frustration=Use the Vero as my one and only music jukebox


All thing not so bad with my vero, but I got one big complain;
(I think it’s more a Kodi problem than Yatse, but as I’m recently an (unlocked) user of Yatse. I will post this same thread on Yatse.)

Have you ever tried to use the vero as your main and unique music player at your home ?
Well the user experience is really really poor, it’s dramatic ! (I come from softwares like mediamonkey, really good at this)

First of all, are you all ok with me that the Vero lacks a reasonable behaving “default current playlist”, a little consistency will be welcomed.

Just a thin basic scenario to consider :

Playing music and user maintained playlists:

While listing to some music , I go on and browse for more items :
-browsing as my mind wish picking a song here, an album here and context menu 
    -> add at end of current playing,
    -> insert in current playing (meaning just after this song)
    -> add to other -> list of user maintained playlists and choice 
           or "add to NEW playlist" (to be created and persisted)

and so of courses a decent screen showing
 all user maintained playlists by their names and you can start any of them.

-Also by a context menu -> more from this artist or album ; (but this one may be a little too difficult and advanced) just the others will be such a nice thing.

I hope you got the idea :
please just try to use the Vero for playing around your personal music collection at home for one or two days = frustration guaranteed !

That’s what I can point, now how can we make it better ? is it a skin problem or an plugin to be created or is it something to be prepared deep down in the core or Osmc ?

Please if you can point me to good direction or documentation, and as long as it’s not dealing with programming the system in C/C++ I will contribute and try as much as I can to do something helpful.

Subsidiary : how on the vero do you reach the “smart playlist” ( function ?

Kodi has very poor music handling per default, has nothing to do with Vero since Vero is the hardware…

best option is to bring up your frustration with the Kodi devs.