Fstab mount: edited /etc/fstab and changed a mount name. Old mount still exists in Vero 4K+ (/mnt), even though there is no mention of it in /etc/fstab

How do I remove a mount that’s no longer in the /etc/fstab config from /mnt? It was a mount that I had previously in /etc/fstab, then changed the config to remove this mount and added a new one in. Now, both the new and the old mounts both appear and I can’t seem to remove the old one.

Is it still a “mount” or is it just the empty mountpoint?
When you run mount is it still be shown?
If not then you can just remove the empty mountpoint (directory) with rmdir /mnt/<your mountpoint>

Yup, that’s what I ended up doing when I came across this link. Thanks!