Fstab NFS Performance

I have just purchased 2x Vero 4k and have connected them to my MySQL Kodi video library (which is also used by a Windows Kodi install and an RPI3 OSMC install).

Mostly everything is working on the new Vero’s, except certain lossless BluRay rips which are unwatchable. When I play them they start and within seconds stutter to a halt (video & audio). Often after 5-10 seconds they will jump into life and play fine for 5-10 seconds, then they grind to a halt again.

I’ve tried a number of the suggestions from threads on this forum (caching, different video/audio settings, etc) and the solution for me was to mount the NFS share where my files are hosted using fstab rather than the built-in NFS/Browse feature. Using an fstab mount the files playback faultlessly.

I’m glad I’ve found a the root cause of the problem, however just switching to fstab mounts isn’t going to work so well for me due to my central Video DB and mixed OS environment.

So the question I have is - is there anything I can do to tweak Kodi’s built-in NFS handling?

If not, does anyone happen to know if it’s possible to carry on using a central MySQL library in an fstab setup? - as long as the fstab mounts points are consistent across the different devices? (except Windows due to the filesystem structure differences)

Thanks for your help.

Yes, the magic is called path substitution

Increasing NFS chunk size should improve NFS performance. Will include in next update.


Thank you both for such quick and helpful responses.

Path substitution is working great for now.

I look forward to seeing if the chunk patch helps next update.

Thanks again!

I’m glad to hear that. It should be in for the next update, if there are improvements to be had with Kodi’s libnfs implementation.

If you have any other problems, let us know.


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