Fstab samba loading endlessly

Hi all,

I recently moved and needed to reimage OSMC to my raspberry pi 2. I was having trouble getting samba to work for me, so I ended up following the fstab wiki. (Great work, by the way!) I used putty to ssh into my pi and added my network share successfully. I rebooted my pi and selected add files/browse/samba from the video menu. The system showed the blue scanner icon and began to spin away. That was last night. It still appears to be active and not frozen. Now, I use two 500Mbps powerline adapters to connect my pi to the network AND the network share is nearly 3TB…

My question is: Is this long process to be expected? Having never set up a samba share with fstab, I really do not know what to expect or what the system is doing. Samba usually just points to the files and I scan them into Kodi with the scrapper. Is fstab doing more? Is it caught in a loop?

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

If you use fstab mounts that you should go files/browse/root filesystem/mnt/


If you are using fstab, you want to files/browse/root file system/mnt.

It shouldn’t be still spinning away, this a possible sign of a network issue. If you can still ssh in issue:

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter.

resync the powerline adaptors (this is where it normally falls down on my network)

sudo systemctl start mediacenter

And try an add the video source using the path stated above (mnt).

Thanks Tom.

Hi @Muther,

if you already mounted your share via the fstab method, you choose a path from the root filesystem NOT a Windows Network (SMB).



That worked like a charm. I just backed out of the scan, opened Root filesystem/mnt and there it was. I had no idea that is how i was supposed to locate the share!

Working great now!