FSTAB Working but Permissions are Wrong

I just had to do a fresh install on a raspberry pi 3+ and found that while the fstab options work and I can browse the files in SSH, I can’t seem to add the files in the “Add Videos” section. When I check the permissions I don’t seem to be getting the correct user and group.

I don’t want to change the permissions from the PI when the network drives are connected and I know that it has something to do with samba not working right but am at a loss.

Any ideas?


We need more information.

What system are the network drive connected to?
Give an example of your fstab

I’m using a freenas server.

here is an example of my old fstab. prior to creating the ‘/srv/media/tvshows’ directory, I had ran sudo -i so I wouln’t have to keep typing sudo.
// /srv/media/tvshows cifs credentials=/home/osmc/.smbpwd

I got fed up and tried to create a new folder setup under ‘/mnt’ as the osmc user but using ‘sudo mkdir…’ each time. This left me with an fstab of

// /mnt/media/tvshows cifs credentials=/home/osmc/.smbpwd

After rebooting everything seemed to work! Not sure what the difference is but I’m happy.

/srv is a very non-standard place to try and do the mounts. It would work, but just odd.

Your fstab is incomplete; you are missing options like rw,x-systemd.automount etc.

Since you didn’t supply logs or any real useful information it’s impossible to know why your original attempts failed.