Ftdi_sio.ko Kernel Module needed for Kernel 4.2.3-25-osmc

I need help compiling this module.
Or has anybody compiled it already an is so kind providing me a copy?


Please tell us what you’ve done so far, and any error messages you get.

(I don’t have an Apple TV, btw.)

I simply need some help how to compile a kernel module on ATV :flushed:
osmc for Apple TV does not include ftdi_sio.ko
I need the module for a project and therefore I am asking here if someone can help me out.
I already installed some prerequisites:
build-essential atv-headers-4.2.3-25-osmc atv-source-4.2.3-25-osmc gcc
(please let me know if anything else needs to be installed)
what next?

I downloaded the ATV1 image OSMC_TGT_appletv_20171001-HDD.img.gz and can confirm that the ftdi_sio module wasn’t included in the build.

Perhaps this thread will provide some clues about compiling a single kernel module.

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It seems that nobody except @sam_nazarko has ever compiled additional kernel module on (for) ATV1. :worried:
I will try the generic howto linked by @dillthedog or others found by Google.

I spent a couple days trying to figure out why I couldn’t get my Arduino to show up at ttyUSB0 before coming across this post.

For any others out there trying to breathe new life into an old 1st gen AppleTV, this resource helped me figure out how to get a proper Linux install going on this old hardware: