FTP item delete option in context menu

Hey Sam, can you maybe include that option in the next release? Its missing in the kodi options.

As an example:
You connect to an FTP and download/stream the file to the rasperry and when you finished downloading it, there is no option to delete it on the FTP Server.

I know that this option is available on NFS/SMB Servers. Would be great if you can add them because i setup a FTP server here at home and i dont want to setup an extra NFS/SMB server only to move some files.

Would be really great! :slight_smile:


This doesn’t appear to be an OSMC problem but, rather a Kodi issue. You should address the problem with them.

I know thats why i asked here maybe Sam could add it as an exklusiv feature to osmc, because i found kodi threads from 2011 with the same problem. Seems like the Kodi Team dont want to include it (dont know why actually?).

Thanks for the report. I’ll look in to whether this can be achieved. If it can, I’ll give you an update in this thread.



Thank you very much! :slight_smile: Very kind of you. Happy new year to you and everyone here in the community :slight_smile: