FTP speed reduces when I leave my Pi alone

Hello everyone.

I got my Pi3 last week and yesterday i tried to transfer a single 4gb file to the Pi using FTP. One thing that I noticed is that the transfer speed begins relatively good (about 8 MB/s) but shortly after gets reduced about to 0 while also the CPU usage gets down. But when I control the OSMC via my remote (by control I mean simply going up and down in menu) the screen lights up again, the CPU usage increases and also the speed gets up.

So my question is if there is some kind of auto ‘hibernation’ process that kicks up when the Pi isn’t in use which can cause this problem? Thank you in advance.

There isn’t any kind of “hibernation” process that would effect background FTP speeds.

Are you using Wireless or Ethernet ?

Thanks for your reply. My Pi is connected via Ethernet while my pc is on wireless. It is strange though first all starts well. Have you ever encountered this kind of problem before? Could you give me any advices? Thanks

Can’t think of anything off hand that would cause it - the Kodi screensaver had no bearing on other services running in the background like an FTP server.

Can you still ping it or log into it via SSH when the transfer seems to have stopped ? Do you see the low power warning square in the top right of the picture ? Low voltage can sometimes cause the Ethernet connection to drop completely. This could happen in response to changes in CPU usage by Kodi if the power adaptor is marginal.