Full-bluray choppy video playback on last OSMC version

  • I’ve never extracted logs from OSMC but I’ll try to do that.
  • The connection is wired
  • Before the update bluray rips worked just fine on this setup

Yes, this is why we provide very easy to follow instructions. Did you create these blu-ray rips? Because mediainfo (also in the link) would be helpful.

I’ve managed to extract the logs:


In the end of the playback the video was chopping like crazy

You clearly haven’t read our link…

Use an OSMC paste URL please.

Ok … clearly I’m doing everything wrong :confused: I’ll wait for the next release for the problem to be resolved then. By that time I’ll stick to OpenElec. Thanks for your time.

Unfortunately we can’t resolve the problem if we don’t know what’s wrong, so perhaps it’s best to stick with OE. If you thoroughly read How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC, and let us know of any questions you have, then we can help.


I would not submit my entire logs as they have all kinds of information in there. I’ve only extracted the important part and shared it in a file. If you don’t want to use it … your choice.

BTW is it that hard to get the latest release, set it up on a RasPi2 and play a bluray rip? Because that’s is exactly what I’m doing … o.O

Not cool, man…

Not hard at all, works fine here and on the hundreds of other user’s installs that use the same kind of content.

I know it’s not cool but I really don’t want to share my entire log because of the privacy concerns. I understand your approach but you need to understand mine as well. I’m not the only one with this problem. I did not create this thread just participated in it.

An idea came to my head that it can have something to do with the datasource. I’ll try to play the same file from the USB drive and see if that resolves the problem. I’ll let you know.

Understood. Blu-ray is working fine in this OSMC release for what seems to be the majority of users. Without a proper log, we can’t investigate the issue


You dont know what is causing the problem, so you are the least qualified to decide what IS and ISNT required information in the logs.

You can PM it to individual people. If you don’t want to share it with anyone, then don’t be surprised when people refuse to try and provide you with support with one hand nailed to the ground.

The question is if someone has actually looked at the logs I’ve provided. Maybe there’s no need to argue as the information is already there …

No one here is going to download a less than optimum example of your log to view once and then be fussed with digging it up and deleting it after looking at it once after you’ve made it clear that it’s not complete. People who provide support for free have a terrible disdain for having their time wasted. I’m done wasting mine now, especially since getting any kind of relevant info from you is like pulling teeth, even after being provided clear instructions on what we need to provide support.


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The error is now fixed with the recent update (09.03).

BTW flac files were also skipping every 10 seconds on the previous release. I’ve discovered it the cruel way during my birthday party :confused:

Anyway, Good job guys !!

The flac’s are still skipping though … :confused:



Working link