Full usb power setting


I noticed a setting “full usb power” or something in the osmc hardware settings, with a warning that you should only use this setting on a Raspi B+…

… how about a raspi 2? Can I switch that on? I just got a 2.1A power supply so that should be no problem, but I’d like to hook up a 1TB disk to my pi.


That option is fine on a Pi 2.

Yes works on PI2, but i don’t think you’ll get enough power for a 1TB disk (i don’t) you should use a USB hub, at some point you will probably get file system errors.


If max_usb_current=1 works reliably to power a small 2.5" drive for you, great, but it’s certainly not guaranteed.

It works for me with a 2.5" 80GB Hitachi drive on my Pi 2 using the official Raspberry Pi foundation power adaptor, but a different drive and/or power adaptor may not work. It’s a matter of trying it to see if it is reliable, if not the drive needs its own power adaptor. (Or a powered USB hub)

I’ve hooked up a 2.1A power supply, and so far the disk has been working fine.

with the max_usb_current=1 (with Raspberry pi 2) I can use my external hard disk drive (Western Digital 2 TB 2.5", model number: WDC WD20NMVW-11AV3S0) + Wifi dongle (TP-LINK) without a powered USB hub. Power supply is a 5 V 2.5 A.

By the way, I agree with other users: you have to try your own and see if your HDD works reliably.


Interesting… I have to say I use a Powered PiHub almost a year now for powering a 1TB Toshiba HDD, with no issues… first used a Rpi 1 and since few months RPi2, btw Rpi is powered too form the usb hub.

So I would recommend a PiHub for an “alwayson solution”

Yeah true it will work for awhile… but in my work (working for a hosting companey) i see that the effectiveness of a PSU drops with age, and all electric things will use more power with age… i would not take the chance… i have backup stored on my disk, i need to be sure that there is enough power.

however it can be measured, draw of power(amps)… only problem is that amps only can be measured if used…so ;-)…