Fully utilising the space on an SD card

Greetings Earthlings

I have noticed an error message quite often with the Aerial screensaver (which is AWESOME, by the way) and also sometimes with Youtube, which says something about “cache full”. So I got myself a class 10 32Gb SD card, and inserted it.

Aerial seems to run better, but I still notice a “cache full” message every now and then. Is there some setting that I need to change somewhere to fully utilise the space on the SD card?


This is not related to your space on the SD Card but a message that the cache (buffer) have been filled.

Well depends how you installed to that card. If you used the Installer the whole space will be used already. If you used NOOBS or you copied your previous card (image) than more steps are necessary.
Just post the output of df -h for us to judge.

Ok, I just realized you are having a Vero2 so that story is slightly different.
There the SD card will not be part of your basic OS. So as long as the card is formatted as a single partition you should be able to use it completely for whatever you have in mind with it.

Free space is also visibile under System Info if you’re reluctant to use command line.

How can I increase te size of the cache (buffer)? Can I utilise some of the 32Gb that I have spare on the SD card?

What else can I utilise the SD card for? I am aware that I can run Android off it, right? What else?


It’s not an issue of the size of the cache buffer. Your speed at which you are receiving the data is too slow, try using a lower quality stream. The message is pretty clear, “cache filled before reaching required amount for continuous playback…”, I think you’re interpreting it wrong. Basically the upload speed of the source is too slow to give you continuous playback. It is not an indication that the cache is too small.

You can store media on it and take it with you. But there is not really a need for an SD card. With the Vero, we made sure that customers have everything they need – no need for additional peripherals.

I am exploring the possibility of allowing OSMC to boot off an SD, but there’s little reason to do this, and some SD cards may offer inferior performance to the NAND we include.

Did you adjust any settings like advancedsettings.xml at all? It’s best to keep things as they are. The message is just a notification – if there are no problems with playback, then you should be OK


Hmm… I am pretty sure I understand what you’re saying, but isn’t this an issue that software/settings can eliminate?

I get this kind of message quite often when watching 720p youtube clips. Often they’re only 5-6 minutes in length, and before they commence playing I see a message which indicates that it’s buffering, with an increasing percentage. Often I get a message about “cache full” before the buffering percentage gets to 100%. That seems to me that the cache is not big enough - no? Regardless of whatever size pipe I’ve got to the outside world, isn’t it just a matter of measuring that download speed, and then allowing for that when buffering?


From that page:
Annoying and frustrating in equal amounts, but what’s happening here and can it be fixed? The answer is yes and er no,