Further improvements to OSMC

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Hi, We’ve been working hard on OSMC over the last few weeks. While we’ve mainly been focusing on fixing bugs, we’ve also had some time to improve performance and stability. Here’s what we’ve made better: Bug fixes Fixed a bug sometimes preventing attached media from being shared as a Samba share Fixed a bug that…


is this release 1.0?

Not quite, but if I were you, I’d make sure you have some free time this weekend



:grinning: great stuff! Looking forward to trying it out


Just installed the new update. While I haven’t really noticed much yet I know there are improvements under the hood. Keep up the excellent work OSMC team!

Great work! :blush:

Thank you guys for your time and development!

Sorry Folks, but this update is only showing me a blue screen. All was working fine yesterday under RC3, but after doing an update via the OSMC program no video,
Using my YATSE program on my mobile, I can still start Addons, for example ShoutCast + Radio Paradise( a very good internet radio program) however nothing but blue video screen - audio is fine.
Any ideas would be great. Oh and WinSCP and putty are connecting also.

Please start a new forum post with some logs



Ciao Sam,

What kind of performance improvements are expected on Pi2?
Just curious, osmc has always been very snappy on my Pi2


OSMC is displaying a release 0.9.9. and a compiled Kodi 14.2 in April

I am using the confluence skin and the only way I found to check for new update is to check in the extension.

Do I have the latest release ?

OSMC ReleaseCandidate3 0.9.9. compiled May 23 2015 is the newest one I’m sure. v1.0 comes out later today though. I don’t really know how confluence works with osmc but if there’s a My OSMC option somewhere go to Updates and select Manual Controls then go down to Scan for updates now.

no My OSMC Option using Confluence skin, I will maybe swith to the standard skin in order to find it.

Version one will be out today ?

In confluence, it’s under Programs.

At some point later today. It hasn’t been officially announced yet but if you visit the forums regularly you’ll have noticed this:

Ok thanks to all your precious information. I was able to update to version one. I think there was no update since I format my sd card. I will check now if update is working better.
Until this OSMC seems very fine. Thanks Sam for this great work

It’s out