Future request for LAMP server

Would like to see lamp server installable from application store. Linux Apache MySQL PHP.

Basicaly will give a user the abbility to have a fully working web server able to serve any type of web page.


why ?

You could already achieve that by installing the corresponding debian packages via apt.
But for an outward facing webserver, osmc is too unsafe.

i am already using it. i just thought it as a nice idea to be installed directrly from app store.

As to why.

Right now in my house i have 8 to 9 web interfaces broadcasting from different equipment.

2 power meters (one meters output of solar and the other the consumption), 2 access point, router, modem, samknows router, nas web interface, ftp2web, 4 raspberry’s, and the list is getting by the time bigger.

Instead having 999999999 differnet ip addresses to contact the interfaces, for the last 5 years, i am using a web site accesible only from LAN, with wordpress, and i am inlining the web interfaces on it. Inline means that i am opening the web interfaces within my web page. I am not just shortcutting.
No need to remember ip addresses, no need to make shortcuts to any web browser.

I am gathering the services to one spot. As far to why.

Up to know since rpi was a bit slow i had the web site on a windows machine. Now with rpi2 model b, since it has something more i am using it.

i still fail to see why (since you already have it) how this could benefit the regular user that has less knowledge of Linux could benefit from having LAMP in the appstore.

This is such a niche use case for a “low power, ARM, mediacenter.” I see no benefit to providing this in the app store for the simple reason that if you can’t use apt-get and command line interface, you really have no business running a LAMP server.

well it was just a thought.

Thanks for the answers by the way.

I’ve considered it, but it’s hard to get right in a secure fashion. It would require some configuration too, so I’d recommend for now you consult the official Debian page for setting up a LAMP stack and change the Webserver port in Kodi.