FYI: Youtube Add-on Broken "No Streams Found"

Just thought a topic here might help others looking for information about this.

Youtube have made a change that has broken a lot of 3rd party applications including the Kodi Youtube Add-on. See this thread on the Kodi forums for more info.

It appears that devs will already be aware of this so hopefully they will come up with a fix. Discussions on other projects with the same issue seem to indicate that a solution should be possible.

EDIT: Looks like the add-on developer anxdpanic already has a solution for this. At the moment it’s a beta version (6.5.2~beta2) and I believe you need to install it from the ZIP file.


think this still belongs to kodi forums since its basically where we are going to refer users for addon support anyways, since the title is kinda missleading since it seems that you want support instead of giving information :slight_smile:

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I apologise for my errors with the title and posting in the wrong area. My aim was to put it where people looking for more about this problem would see it and not go through the couple of hours of troubleshooting I went through before people started posting about it. I should have been more careful not to waste the time of the generous folks who answer support questions. I’m sorry.

Thank you very much to joakim_s for fixing the title and moving it to the appropriate area.

Finally it seems that things are still developing and currently the 5.6.2~beta2 version is only working when MPEG-DASH is enabled. As Toast suggests the place to go for this issue is this thread on the Kodi forums.

thanks for this - i was wondering if it was a vero-specific problem or just the plugin

That’s strange I haven’t updated anything and YouTube on vero 4+ still works flawlessly for me watching 1080p and 720p footage

Works for me aswell under Pi3 all i had to do was disable mpeg-dash and run it as usual

The plugin was fixed two days ago. Closing thread.

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