Are there game add-ons? I presume no.
Because other versions of Kodi seem to have these in the official Kodi repository under games. But they aren’t present in osmc on the vero…
Maybe it can’t run games?

But things like tetris or pacman surely?

The game emulators are already installed

Are you sure :thinking: how do I get games?
The games list is empty. To add games looks like the FileManager.


All of the emulators are installed – you will need to supply some games yourself. You don’t need to look for them in the repository because they’re already installed and just need enabling.


I still don’t understand this.
Is it against the rules to go in depth regarding this, such as it maybe is with certain add-ons on the official Kodi forums?

Because in osmc the game category is of course empty …
There’s nothing in the app store
And most importantly, if I Google osmc / Kodi game add-ons , there’s no clear results.

Conversely, if I search for video add-ons it’s very easy and straight forward…

I’m not sure what it means to supply my own games. Maybe you just mean I have to search somewhere else. Not exactly sure how to enable already installed things, or specifically what to enable.
Seems Google isn’t giving any results either, just a few others also wondering how

He means go to my addons not install via, to enable the emulators then provide roms for said enabled games … I think :thinking:

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I don’t see any emulators installed from my add-ons .
So don’t know what I’m supposed to enable.

I’ve got the Vero 4k. Not seeing any installed/disabled emulators

Is your device up to date?

Definitely. Assuming you mean going into my osmc, where you can view network settings and there’s another option to check for updates. If that’s what you mean then yes it’s fully up to date

If you mean a firmware update, I’m not entirely sure, it’s supposed to automatically update, but I’ve never manually downloaded firmware and transferred it to the osmc.