Gapless Play broken - even for FLAC files

I am sorry, but seems gapless play is broken again since the June update. I reported similar issue long ago but at that time it was affecting only quite exotic mka files. Now, I am talking about standard FLAC files, even stereo ones play with quite long lasting gaps with the June update. I am pretty sure it is not related to Kodi 18.7 as the issue not show on Kodi 18.7(.2) running on my Fire TV Stick 4k. Well, not a prove as this is another platform, however. I just wanted to bring that up to see if anybody else experienced the issue yet? I can provide logs later…


I have tested this with the latest updates and i am not seeing this issue. In the past Inhave had this happen a few times and a reboot fixed the issue.

My setup is HDMI , output set to best match

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Can you please upload some logs?



Hi @CaptainCranky, a reboot did the trick! Thanks!