Gapless play broken for mka files in Kodi 18?

Hi guys, I just upgraded to latest OSMC with Kodi 18.3 coming from Oct 2018 Kodi 17 OSMC release. I used to play surround albums with no issues and gapless with the former Kodi 17 version. The albums are stored as one mka file per album accompanied by an according CUE sheet.
First surprise: Kodi 18 does not read the CUE file anymore so I added tags to the mka file with foobar. So far so good, albums are added to library again nicely. However, I noticed the capability of gapless play is gone! Same issue with Kodi 18.2 on Fire TV stick so I guess it’s not a OSMC specific issue but an issue of the PAPlayer which I assume got a big overhaul in Kodi 18.
Did anybody else notice this issue? If yes, any resolutions other than reverting back to Kodi 17?

If it’s affecting other platforms, it might be best to report this on the Kodi forums