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Hi all,

I have a couple of questions regarding library setup.

  1. I have folders setup on an external HDD. Movies is one of the folders and TV Shows is the other. No matter how I try, I can not get anything to show in the TV Shows area of the home menu. If I scroll to movies the movies are there. If I scroll to TV Shows it has the option of ‘enter files section’ or remove this main menu item. No matter what option I select it always stays blank. Any ideas on wha might be causing me this issue?

  2. In my movies folder I have some full blu ray folders. Within these folders are loads of files that on their own do not make up the movie. Many different stream files. On the ‘Movies’ main menu sea where you can see all the movie art there are hundreds of ‘stream’ posters and only 4 actual movie posters. I understand that it must be looking within the folder and taking everything as a potential video file to play. How do I stop that? Can I select just one image for the whole folder somehow?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Are you doing it exactly like this:

Specifically no.3

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Did you add your TV shows source explicitly as described in this link?

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Thank you both. I’ll double check to make sure it’s all correct. I thought I had it set up like this. Maybe it’s because the show is an iso and not showing as separate episodes.

Use MakeMKV to break down the ISO into individual episodes.

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I’ve tried that but the forced subtitles don’t show. I’ve looked on their FAQ’s and forum but can’t see a specific answer to getting them to show.

Are you referring to MakeMKV? It should be handling the subs correctly. I’ve used it to rip hundreds of DVDs/BluRays/UHDs and the subs always work.

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If the subs aren’t marked as “Forced” you can use MKVToolnix-GUI to select and mark a particular track as “Forced”. You can also delete any subtitle tracks and audio tracks you don’t want.

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