General question on updates

All the updates we have seen lately have been just kernel stuff, right? KODI itself has not been updated, right? When the new version of KODI is ready, then it will install just like these updates?

I would not say Kernel stuff alone as there where also changes to libaries, MyOSMC and other parts. And yes Kodi will also be updated using the same process. But as Sam has written in some of the update news he will announce it separately when there will be a version change of Kodi being pushed as this would have impact for the people using mysql installations.
Considering that Kodi v16 is currently RC2 you might see it next month already.

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OK. Thanks. I guess the exact architecture is not that very clear to me. Perhaps someone should draw a nice illustration of all the layers and components :slightly_smiling:

Looking forward to the KODI update as I have problems with memory leaking when watching from tvheadend.

if your chasing updates there is a thread in the testing section that lets you bump your kodi version to bleeding edge