General questions about the new Vero V

Hi there,

I’m thinking of getting a Vero V. If someone could answer my questions, I’d be grateful.

How ‘snappy’ is the remote with the screen? Is there any lag?
Can you use the built-in emulator support with OSMC similar to what Kodi has for Raspberry Pi?
There should be no problems getting it to an address in Switzerland, correct?
How quick is it to get a movie from a Synology NAS system? I don’t mind a bit of loading at the beginning, but buffering throughout the movie would be annoying. Any comments?

Thanks in advance, I hope to purchase it soon!


It should be immediately responsive, there isn’t a latency. It’s a very popular remote and lots of people use it on their Raspberry Pi, hence why it’s sold separately as well as included with Vero.

They are identical in terms of functionality. So if the emulators you want to run are on Pi, they will be available for Vero V. You should get better performance on Vero V however. If there are specific emulators you want us to check I am sure we can confirm them for you in advance.

3-5 working days with tracking after dispatch.

Shouldn’t be any buffering or delays provided you have a good connection (WiFi or Ethernet).

If you are familiar with OSMC on a Pi you should find it very intuitive on the Vero V and be right at home.

Hope this helps

Wow! Thanks for the prompt answers! Any youtube videos I can check out with the Vero V?

Not yet – we only did a proper launch in November and I’ve been making sure that units go to actual people and not reviewers.

With Vero 4K + we were somewhat burned by ‘reviewers’ that never did a review but still use the devices to this day. I’m also reluctant to send out devices to reviewers now as it can seem a bit like we are bribing them. It’s probably a bad decision in terms of publicity but our customers seem to know where to find us and it’s been a strong launch.

This is an old review of Vero 4K: OSMC Vero 4K Media Player Streamer Review | AVForums and some things have changed (such as the introduction of 3D support; HDR10+; HLG).

While Vero V is new hardware, we based the software stack on Vero 4K/4K+, so if you like what you read about Vero 4K/4K+, you will like the Vero V. If it plays on Vero 4K/4K+, it plays on Vero V.

There is a money back guarantee, and you can return the device for any reason whatsoever for a refund in full if you change your mind within 14 days of receipt of the device.