General welldone

Hi OSMC. Kodi works great. Nice system for standalone RPi. Works fine RPi2 & 3.
I first tried Openelec but it was Kodi 15.x, so went with OSMC.
Be honest, I can’t see much difference.(what are the differences?)
I like My OSMC, adding the codec keys was easy and over clocking.
When will it show RPi3 1200 MHz?
Apart from no visualization on kodiv16.1 and having to copy the files, it works fine.
Good luck with OSMC and thanks.

Set Profile to Normal in Overclock. 1200Mhz will show in System Info

Thanks for kind words.

Hi Sam. OSMC compiled Apr 3 2016 running Kodi 16.1-RC3.
You’re right.I reset it from turbo to normal and after reboot it shows 1200MHz.
Has gpu cpu memory also been optimised for RPi3? Config.txt shows it’s not.
There’s no sudo raspi-config and Pi Config in My osmc only shows Set for 1024mb Pi2 set at 320…the maximum, under GPU memory allocation.
No Pi3 setting.
In the config editor what would cpu gpu settings be? 500 for both?

It’s optimised.

We don’t need to adjust config.txt values as Pi 3 has the optimal settings already

Thanks Sam. How can I see what settings the RPi is currently using?
Or have I already?
It’s working fine as is.
One point. Changing from Confluence skin to OSMC or any other, Pi froze at keep this skin? screen. Is the mouse being forgotten about? Works fine in Confluence.