Getting all buttons to work on OSMC official remote on KODI

I bought the remote (old version) for use with KODI on my windows HTPC, not expecting it to work fully out of the box but being able to remap the buttons properly. However, both the info button and the context menu button (above stop) are not detected as key inputs at all in windows. Is there any solution for this, is my remote broken, or is it just something to accept and move on?

Does your remote have volume buttons?


No, it’s the older version with Fast forward/backward buttons

I found another thread with the same issue How to use OSMC Remote on Windows 7 and Kodi? but no solution? “Older version will require remapping”, but I can’t really remap if it’s not detected at all!


it’s been a while since I used that remote on a PC.
EventGhost might let you do this. Otherwise I need to check my notes.



Figured what the problem is in EventGhost I think. The i-button might simply not be mapped to a keyboard event that kodi can recognize. The context-button however is mapped to a completely seperate HID?!

One of the devices has everything but the context button, while the other has only the context button. I might be able to work with this :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s right.
There are two events and context and home (IIRC) are sent as mouse presses.


Got it working now by emulating keypresses for info and context, thanks for the input!

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