How to use OSMC Remote on Windows 7 and Kodi?

I ordered the new OSMC remote (rf) in hope that I could control Kodi on my W7 laptop.
But two remote keys are not recognized by kodi, even when I check debug kodi.log:

  • info key
  • option key - (or context menu ?)

What is the LIRC remote config file alternative to set up under windows ?

You may be able to edit remote/keyboard.xml on Windows to get it to work natively. Alternatively a tool like EventGhost can remap events I believe.

We are looking at getting this remote to work with Kodi upstream in the near future.


Hello Sam,

I’ve just tried also the new OSMC remote with appletv with 2015.10-2-HDD.img. I have changed lirc remote to OSMC remote. but still info key and option key are not recognized.

Is it already supported on appletv osmc ?

The remote will only work on versions of OSMC with the October update or later


I’ve tried to get the remote to work with eventghost on Windows 10, however the info and menu keys don’t generate any key presses which eventghost can pick up. Is there any HID drivers which can be installed so all button presses are recognised by the system?

Is it just these two buttons causing you problems?

I was going to remap the ‘i’ and ‘menu’ buttons but also the ‘>|’ play button to the space bar so it would pause and resume as they doesn’t currently do anything.

FYI - the remote works fine with Kodi on my Rapsbery Pi, but my main Media PC is a Windows 10 machine in my living room

Ended up with the same problem info and menu buttons are also not recognized on W7.

I’ll take a look at this soon. I assume you guys are using Kodi Jarvis?



Yep, latest official release.

The HID layer is a bit special on Windows. I will see if we can work on a solution in the near future


Any progress with HID on Windows ?

Just tried under Windows 10. Same question about some buttons, info, home, context menu. I would consider ordering multiple remotes if there would be windows driver to get these keys working.

We will have an update on this in the future.

This is still an issue with Windows 10 and Kodi, Dec. 2017

Which remote do you have? The new model should work a lot better with Windows right out of the box

Hey, @sam_nazarko is there any update on a Windows driver where we can edit the functions? I have the latest rf remote as sold on the osmc site and am working with Windows 10

The latest remote with Volume Buttons shouldn’t need a driver and you should be able to remap buttons using Kodi’s Keymap Editor add-on.

@sam_nazarko The volume buttons are tied to ‘-’ and ‘=’ and only change the volume in Kodi if Kodi is focused and not the system volume. Does the remote only work with Kodi or can it work with Windows?

It will work with most players that use this command, including Kodi.
If you want to use it as a generic HID device, something like EventGhost can be used to change behaviour.