Getting LAN for Vero 4K from my PC?

I just got a new Sony XF90 installed as my primary PC monitor and it works very well. What doesn’t work so well is HDR through windows. So I want to use my vero 4K device for streaming HDR content from my NAS. Trouble is that the wifi signal on the Vero 4K is not strong enough for 4K streaming. It is however strong enough on my PC’s wifi because it has 2 external antennas. So my question is this: Is it possible to leech the internet of my PC by connecting a cable from the LAN port on the Vero 4K to my PC’s LAN port?

I tried to connect them but it says no internet. Can someone explain to me how it is done?

You would need to bridge the connection.
This would be dependent on your OS.

The 802.11ac WiFi should be good enough for 4K streaming. Avoid 2.4Ghz or 802.11n if possible.

I am running windows 10. How does bridging work?

I am connected to the 5ghz network on my wifi, but it chokes on the big 2160p files (50+ GB). My PC runs them well. My router is located 5 meters away from my PC. If I connect the Vero 4K directly to my router it runs fine on 2160p files, but I would prefer wifi.

Here is a link to how to setup ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) on windwos 10

Another question for Sam. Is is possible to add a wifi antenna with an usb dongle to the Vero 4K to enhance the signal for 5ghz?

You can get some usb dongles with antennas. But no compatibility is guaranteed

ICS is a standard feature in Windows and should serve your needs.

There’s also the 100 ft LAN cable option.

I’m a bit late replying to this but only in the past few days have I discovered this works.
I am successfully streaming uncompressed UHD Bluray rips from my Windows PC onto my original Vero 4K using this adapter:-

However you will need to setup autofs on your Vero (there’s a tutorial here on how to do it),
using normal SMB results in a buffer fest.