Getting movie sets to show in playlists

The last few days I’ve changed my set up from a PC media centre running XBMC Gotham to OSMC on a RPi2.

On the PC XBMC I had two smart playlists on my home menu, one for Asian films and another for Films, so that they were kept separate (wife doesn’t have an appreciation for my liking of Asian movies). On the source drive all Asian films are in one folder, all other films in another.

Going into the playlist from the home menu brought up the list of all the films in the playlist and films that were put in a movie set showed up in a movie set - eg American Pies, Predators, Star Wars etc as I had set up. through the nfo files.

Now though, on my RPi2 running OSMC this is not happening. In my smart playlists nothing that was in a movie set is showing as being in a movie set. They are only in the sets when going through the default “Movies” menu.

I can’t find how to get the moviesets back in the playlist. This is a major headache as it messes up with how I had things organised.

Any help here would be appreciated.


Found the options…

On the smart playlists creation page, choose group by sets, then select mixed.