Getting the sad face for some YouTube videos

I did not observe this before de Dec 18 update. Is this a known bug, or are there settings I should take care of? I’m on a 4k+.

Any ideas?

Hello, I have the same problem.

Debug logs, please, folks.

I dont know it. I will study it.
Can you play this videi on your vero 4k + ?

I dont
Thank you

Youtube changed some stuff and youtube on kodi is broken for a lot of people rite now.

Check: Kodi Community Forum last post made by anxdpanic he is the addon developer

Here is a link to the updated addon:

After Instalation of the updated addon from the zip Clear function cash in Settings - Maintenance - Clear function cache

I did that and the video @Mates12345 linked plays fine now.


Thank you very much, its ok.
Iam happy :slight_smile:

6.3.0 was released and it should solve the issue. Just check for addon updates and watch for YouTube notifications.

seems to take some time to be available - I only get 6.2.3