Getting the UI to display on a 100Hz CRT?

I’ve just setup OSMC for my first time using an AppleTV. The install itself has gone well and I can see all of the various boot screens (plus saw the installation screen) on my original Apple TV.

However, post-install I’m given a black screen after it’s loaded the UI. It flickers green a few times (possibly the software is experimenting with resolutions) but remains black after a while.

Any tips on what I could try here?

A few tech notes:

  • I’ve got the GeForce Go 7300 in the PCIe slot
  • My TV is a JVC CRT that’s 100Hz and supports 480p
  • The AppleTV is connected to my CRT via component input
  • I’ve experimented with different refresh rates (75Hz and 59.[something]Hz). Have also tried 720x480p and 720x576p. No luck yet…


Your best bet would be to edit Xorg.conf and see if you can generate a compatible modeline.

I may be wrong, but don’t think you’ll get 100Hz via component, and usually only via DVI.

As you probably know, we don’t support the Apple TV anymore.