Getting tty1 from OSMC

I use the OSMC on a Beamer (so sometimes I use vnc for taking updates), and when I usend the update function my vnc disapiers because the tty shows up. So to see the progress or take action without power my Beamer on for 20mins.

I looking for an tmux or screen implementation for OSMC so I can keep in touch with that what I did bevor.

sudo apt-get install screen?

True, I was thinking about make it more common for OSMC it selv.

Not sure what you want, maybe you can explain better.
But actually VNC will also display the tty1. Just during the update you might loose network connection (if connman is update) and might reconnect.

VNC captures at dispmanx layer, so you should see update progress.

Alternatively, you can run

sudo systemctl start manual-update for SSH based update progress

No when ever the console shows up vnc gets off

Which VNC server have you installed?
I can ensure you that I can just exit Kodi and press ESC and see the login prompt via VNC. No disconnect or whatsoever.

This one

I will test that.

As Sam wrote that VNC server captures the dispmanx layer so it will display everything including the console.
try and let us know if you have any problems.