Glitching audio and black screens after April update

I am experiencing audio glitches and black intermittent black screens while playing SDR/HDR content after the April update yesterday. It’s pretty much unbearable. I am playing passthrough audio to a Denon AVR which outputs to an LG OLED.

I have uploaded 2 logs, one with adjust refresh OFF (as it was before April update, and worked well):

And one log with adjust refresh to ALWAYS (seems to lessen audio glitches a bit, but still there and the black screens seem even more frequent):

Any ideas? Would love to not have to downgrade :frowning:

We strongly recommend setting the GUI resolution to 1080p, Adjust display refresh rate to ‘On Start/Stop’ and Sync playback to display must be off when using passthrough.

Apologies. I mixed up sync to display and adjust refresh. I always use pass-through so sync is of course off.

Already tested refresh on start/stop, no help.

I will test lowering the gui resolution. But how does that affect the playback. Through the overlay?

Media will playback at it’s encoded resolution with adjust refresh enabled. The GUI resolution should only affect the GUI where your TV should upscale the GUI with it’s much better scaler.

You didn’t say what videos you were trying to play but with the GUI and output fixed at 2160p50Hz, practically all videos are going to be scaled in refresh rate and resolution.

Just as a heads up, OSMC doesn’t actually support native 4K GUI resolutions, so setting a 2160p resolution doesn’t provide improved visual clarity. Unlike, say, Kodi for Android, OSMC’s GUI always runs with a 1080p framebuffer, so setting the GUI resolution higher than that just has the system try to upscale the GUI before outputting it, which tends to actually result in lower quality than letting your television handle the upscaling. If you have refresh rate switching enabled, OSMC will still switch to 2160p if you play back 4K media while you have the GUI set to 1080p, so it won’t impact your media quality one way or the other.

As such, until OSMC adds support for a native 4K GUI, the only reason to set a 2160p GUI resolution is if you’re trying to force that specific resolution for playback and refresh rate switching is failing to operate properly.

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I have now tested with GUI resolution at 1080p. Possibly this was the setting I have always used, I don’t know as the Leia update resets resolution for the GUI.

This in combination with Adjust refresh set to OFF seems to resolve the audio glitching issue (but limited testing). Adjust refresh to Start/stop still causes audio glitching.

I’ll have to watch a full movie to see if the Black screen issue is gone, as it’s not as common as the audio glitch is/was.

You should keep Adjust Refresh Rate to on for best results.
When you say the audio glitches, can you describe the issue in a bit more detail?

Does it happen with all content or only some?


Hi Sam. It happens to both 1080p and 4K HDR content. I do mostly test using one specific opening scene, as it has nice continuous audio that’s engraved into my ears.

I have made 3 recordings of this scene just now:

refresh_start_stop.MOV - Includes audio glitching galore.
refresh_always.MOV - Includes audio glitching as well as black screen. Also includes a popup with content info.
refresh_off.MOV - No audio glitching, good (note that this setting only brought salvation after setting the GUI resolution to 1080p)

Hope this helps!

Hi, i‘m seeing the same issues after the upgrade. Panasonic TV but also Denon AVR, so maybe it‘s related to the Denon (x1300w here).
Disabling rate adjust also fixes the glitches for me.