Global audio offset on Vero 4K

I have a Vero 4K using passthrough with the AC3 transcoding option enabled. I have a slight audio delay of about 200ms when playing my media, opposed to everything being perfectly in sync when I do not enable transcoding of the audio stream.

It is possible to offset the audio using the onscreen audio menu to simply be ahead by 200ms - which solves my problem perfectly. This is however only applied for this specific media, so I have to do this every time I play a movie - which is not a viable solution.

I am wondering if it is somehow possible to set this setting’s default value somewhere to have a audio offset applied globally on all media items without having to individually set it every time.

seems you have two options

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How did I miss this both when searching the forums - and the set default option in the menu?!

Thank you very much - I will give this a shot when I get home :smile:

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