Good, small travel bag for Pi/Vero 2 with HDD, remote, power supply, cables

Hi Folks,

I do quite a lot of travel, and, generally, have a TV wherever I stay, there’s a TV in the room/apartment. As such, I have decided to build a travel media centre, rather than plugging my laptop into the TV and not being able to use it when anything is on.

I recently ordered a Vero 2, but, depending on how big it is/how well I can find a bag to fit it, I will use a Pi 3 instead, with one of the lovely Flirc cases. Storage comes in the form of a 2.5" 4TB HDD.

I am looking for a good bag to hold it all in. Maybe a cheap camera bag. I figure I cannot be anywhere near the first person to do something like this, so, maybe someone has some suggestions for what I need to keep it in.

It would need to hold the following:

  • Either a Vero 2 or Raspbery Pi in Flirc case
  • An OSMC remote or some little Bluetooth keyboard depending on whether I take a Vero 2 or RPi
  • An external 4TB HDD (these things are awesome!) with short USB cable
  • Appropriate power supply
  • HDMI cable
  • A pouch for a couple of micro SD cards

If there is also space for an international travel adapter (specifically the Satechi Travel Router, which I highly recommend to the nerd traveller) then that would be a bonus.

Thanks :slight_smile:


You can try a small netbook case. I used to have a link to a good one, but can’t find it anymore.


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