Google Videos

Is there a way to watch purchased content from google?

Earlier I was able to watch purchased google videos on a raspberry Pi 3, using the YouTube add on in Kodi.

But now I get a message that you can watch only on the latest android version or supported systems.

It seems that they do not consider the Vero 4k + as a supported platform.

@anxdpanic might know about this. I think they’re watchable via YouTube?

They should be viewable using the youtube video addon in kodi. But even after signing in you cannot view them.

A message pops up saying that only equipment with the newest android versions and other supported systems can access purchased google play videos.

It seems that the vero 4k+ is not allowed to view purchased google videos content because it is not using one of the latest versions of android. Or is not on some list of suported systems.

I’ve asked @anxdpanic – he’s the YouTube add-on developer for Kodi.

Thank you. I hope that this issue can be resolved.

I have limited playback on google videos now. My log is located at

I was able to view the movie " Doctor No" but there is no sound. I viewed it thru the youtube plugin. Another movie that I was able to view partially was “Star Trek Into Darkness” This one had sound but runs only for a few seconds. “Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker” also loads but runs for only a few seconds. Than it freezes.

I suspect that some settings in the plugin or elsewhere in kodi have to be adjusted.
Let me know if there is a solution.

All these videos are listed by YouTube as unavailable when attempting to open in a desktop browser.

That is not how I do it.

First I turn on my galaxy tab tablet and open the youtube app.
In the youtube app I go to the library and select Your movies. There I find all the movies that I have bought from google. From that list I select a movie and than I share that movie using the play on kodi function. I have the Kore App installed on my tablet, that is how I control the Vero 4K. The movie than plays on the Vero 4K, but I am experiencing problems with playback.

Then your issue is with Google and their failure to allow 3rd party apps to authenticate in a way that allows users have access to content they subscribe to. There is nothing osmc or Kodi can do about that.

No amount of argument on this forum will earn you a resolution of the issue.

I am seeing the google movie on the Vero 4K+, but there is no sound. (Dr No)

It runs smoothly, but there is no sound.

Is it possible to attach screenshots here?

That may be helpful to show what is happening

Did you disable AV1 in Youtube/Inputstream, as that would not be supported on Vero4k/+

I did disable the AV1 for a few moments to see if that helps but it does not seem to resolve the issue.

Perhaps the log may give some insights,

you can find it here:

I suspect some kind of buffering problem. Dr. No is a lower resolution movie, it fits completely on the screen, so it is not entirely widescreen format.

You need to permanently disable it otherwise you surely will have issues unless you have a Vero V.

So Star Wars doesn’t play when you disable AV1?

You can configure the youtube addon to ask you at the start of a movie which stream quality to use.

The only movie that plays now is Dr.No, You hear the MGM lion roar, after that there is no more sound, the movie itself runs smoothly. Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker, runs , but it falls in some kind of loop, only the first 5 or 6 seconds are seen. It does not go any further. I will see if configuring the youtube addon may help.

Letting the plugin ask for resolution does not help. When you play a google movie the dialog that asks for resolution does not appear. On other youtube videos it does appear. The problem is still unresolved.

So that is with AV1 disabled in youtube addon (stream feature setting)?

Yes, AV1 was greyed out when I did this test.

I had it green a moment before, but the results are still the same.

It does not seem to make a difference.

should I disable everything in the stream feature?

I disabled all video streams codecs except H.264. I see more videos now, but only six seconds. I will continue to try other codec combinations.