Google Videos

Is there a way to watch purchased content from google?

Earlier I was able to watch purchased google videos on a raspberry Pi 3, using the YouTube add on in Kodi.

But now I get a message that you can watch only on the latest android version or supported systems.

It seems that they do not consider the Vero 4k + as a supported platform.

@anxdpanic might know about this. I think they’re watchable via YouTube?

They should be viewable using the youtube video addon in kodi. But even after signing in you cannot view them.

A message pops up saying that only equipment with the newest android versions and other supported systems can access purchased google play videos.

It seems that the vero 4k+ is not allowed to view purchased google videos content because it is not using one of the latest versions of android. Or is not on some list of suported systems.

I’ve asked @anxdpanic – he’s the YouTube add-on developer for Kodi.

Thank you. I hope that this issue can be resolved.