Got a Kodi version warning today

Like the tile say’s I got a kodi version warning on my vero V.
Anyone else?

Not sure what you mean?

What’s the warning?

I got this on Linux today - nagging me to update.

Yes, but we shouldn’t be shipping the Kodi version check add-on.
If I recall I have a patch to both remove it and to stop Kodi crashing if it isn’t present.

Let’s see if we get some other reports.

Did you restore from another, non Vero device?

During build, we remove the add-on

        rm -rf ${out}/usr/share/kodi/addons/service.*.versioncheck

and we patch Kodi to not depend on this add-on so it doesn’t crash:

Author: Sam Nazarko <>
Date:   Tue Jun 2 17:52:40 2015 +0100

    Remove service.xbmc.versioncheck
    Signed-off-by: Sam Nazarko <>

So I’m not sure how this can occur on a typical OSMC installation.

That Kodi v21 (Omega) is available.

Can you answer this question?

No, I always do a fresh install with a new aparatus, but i’ve removed the versioncheck.service by hand. Still that leaves me with the question… when comes kodi 21 to OSMC… its stable btw.

Thanks for your lightning fast ansers.

The answer to this question for every major Kodi update for OSMC is “when it’s ready.” I don’t think anyone could answer that question right now if they wanted to either as internal testing hasn’t gotten that far. When it is to the point where it might be ready for release I’m sure there will be a thread announcing a test build with instructions for people to opt-in.

I will investigate this.

Kodi v20.5 will be released shortly (coming days).
Then we’ll have some v21 test builds on the forum a few days after to get feedback.

I’ll make v21 available as a stable release when v21.1 arrives, but test builds aren’t far off and I would expect them to be made available by end of April at the very latest.

Can’t comment regarding v21.1 availability.



What’s the output of:

 find /usr/share/kodi/addons | grep versioncheck
 find /home/osmc/.kodi/addons/ | grep versioncheck

I get no result on either.

If you get a result on one of them, can you run ls -l on the directory so we can see the date it was installed?

Kodi v21 has been out for a little while now but we have not seen other reports of this. Although it could just be that people saw the message and didn’t think anything of it.

A fair amount of time has elapsed and no one else has reported this.

Either you have restored this add-on from a backup or some ‘build’ has copied it over. We have verified internally that this is not possible on a standard install of OSMC.

As such I will mark this as solved,