Got v17 when I only wanted recent patches!

Got v17 when I only wanted recent patches for the prior release.

Seems that some warning should be provided when an entire release is coming.

I know with other distros, switching releases is a big deal and takes manual effort. That was my expectation here too.

Hopefully my old backup will work. v17 seems to have broken lots of things.

Insted of just going back to the old system and receive no more updates, why don’t you help us help you. What broke, did you try the steps mentioned in this post: Kodi Krypton FAQ and Support

Added that info into another post.

In short, the install hosed everything. I wiped the data directory and rebooted, expected the subdirs to be recreated - they were not. Nowhere to go from here.
It has an OS, but nothing else useful that I can see. Kodi refuses to start and I don’t have time to connect a keyboard and mouse. Need to make any changes via ssh only.

Just can’t spend time on this. Sorry. I already spend 20+ hrs a week helping with Linux related things in the metro area, including about 8 hrs of meetings.

You mean like this one?

If you can provide a bit more info about what’s wrong we can help you resolve your issues


I’m a Linux guy from the core out. Things that I expect don’t always meet the expectations for the typical end-user people using OSMC, I suspect.

Yes, that would have been nice to see that warning BEFORE the upgrades were done. It wasn’t displayed. Never saw that message.

Other linux systems require a change to the repository for a major upgrade like this. THAT is what Linux people expect. I would have preferred to wait 3-6 month on this new release.

Ended up wiping everything and starting over. Kodi refused to start post-upgrade. Don’t know why. I hear a movie being played in the other room, so I guess it is working again. Wife and kids happy, that was the goal.

Sorry to waste your time.

We have been running Krypton test builds since Feb/March.

Great for people who are familiar with a command line but most of our users aren’t.
As you are a regular Linux user, you should know how to troubleshoot small issues.

Kodi upgrades do not always go smoothly, but a reinstallation or downgrade is not necessary. We have covered potential scenarios on the blog and in the FAQ.

I recommend you disable updates, dd the card out, apply update and then you have something to revert if things do go wrong.

All that we can do is improve ability to revert updates in the future and try and make warnings of new, major upgrades more evident. It’s theoretically we could detect incompatibilities in the future with new upgrades and advise accordingly.

I wouldn’t bother to support reverting. When something bad happens on this system, using dd and restoring the last-known-good version is a 30 min solution that generally works. I’ve had more issues with PlexBMC breaking than OSMC since I turned off updates last Sept. We are a plex house, but HATE the plex player. It blocks subtitles at pause, which is completely unacceptable. Plus plex doesn’t like local media much. Kodi + Plex are really the best solution for our needs. TV + Movies + Music cataloged in Plex and everything else in Kodi using NFS access. Also, like to use Plex for remote viewing/listening when we travel (no plex account, just use an ssh-proxy to the house). Need plex for other, closed, playback systems so the transcoding of our recorded media gets handled for those limited devices. Oddly, the r-pi is able to handle pretty much anything in the native format unlike the Roku, Chromecast, and other cheap players.

If you disable update checking, you will not be prompted. But you need to go in to Settings to disable it entirely, so it’s possible you had the default option of Download and Prompt enabled.

Nothing automatic would enable them, and there is no option for unattended upgrades or installation without clicking OK. It would cause far too much hassle as our users wouldn’t know when their device updated before they started experiencing an issue.

There is an official version of Plex addon for Kodi now, but I believe that it requires Plex pass to use.


Yes, it does. I have no interest in providing Plex with any data or signing up for an account. I block their domains at the firewall. Currently blocking …
$ wc -l /etc/hosts
131520 /etc/hosts

just a few domains. There are lots and lots of bad people out there. That is form my laptop, which needs protection away from home.

Another user here with same - I’d say unpleasant user experience. I did not get such screen / warning. I only got the usual update available pop-up. It could have something to do with using the Confluence instead of default OSMC screen.

Luckily my issues after upgrade (new skin not loaded properly - no menu, no nothing bar the background) were gone after a hard reset and have not noticed any issues since then.

Confluence is what I use.

Hard reset didn’t help on my side.

After getting Confluence back, most of my issues are gone, except the FFwd doesn’t show images along the way as well as the older version did. This issue isn’t dependent on Confluence. Happened with the new OSMC interface too. At 8x-32x FFwd, the images almost completely stop updating for h.264/vorb/mkv content.

Had to reload a few addons - Plex-Helper and PlexBMC, but those are working again now too. If I use any sketchy addons, PlexBMC will stop working. Never understood the interaction with that. How would local content via plex have anything to do with remote streaming from other countries?