GPIO 4838 ir on Rasberry Pi 2

Have searched the wiki/etc and cant find a clear answer for this problem…

Trying to get this working and have hooked it up to gpio 18, activated GPIO and using the MCE6 remote profile…are there any other settings I have to use? Using these pins:

Have been using the usb IR receiver with my harmony remote for a few years (on old pi too) without any issues…just wanted to switch to GPIO because of less cables in my setup…

How did you know that you Remote sends at 38kHz and the coding of the Remote it could be RC5 or RC6 and there are different codes send by the buttons.

which remote should i be using i believe im using chinavision in the harmony remote setup…thanks

LIRC GPIO is enabled already. You can double that in Pi Config

Remote profiles are in Pi Config -> Remotes.

You may get some help by looking at how the official OSMC Remote works at


thanks for the reply and link to the quick guide - i guess my question is how do i get my harmony remote to work with this GPIO 4838 IR?

my harmony remote is this model:

Using a Harmony I would recommend selecting a Microsoft Windows Media Center RC6 remote (Not keyboard). The remote pictured above is NOT a RC6 remote