GPIO LIRC Key Repeat Issue (with Apple Silver Remote)

I’m trying to get a GPIO IR receiver working with OSMC on a Raspberry Pi 3. I didn’t see any guide for this so here’s what I’ve set up:

Raspberry Pi model 3 running OSMC (build 2017.02-2)
TSOP4838 IR sensor (pins go to GPIO pin 18, ground, and 3.3 V)
Silver Apple Remote

This is a fresh install of OSMC, so, besides connecting to the internet, and going through the setup process, all I’ve done is use the GUI tool to switch to the correct LIRC remote profile (for the Silver Apple remote) and enabling the (default) GPIO pins for LIRC then rebooting.

So after reboot the remote woks, but if I short press on any key it starts repeating slowly and then rapidly. I made a little video to illustrate that’s really all you need to see to understand (if you have your sound up you’ll hear the keypress sound effects, otherwise watch the selection highlight move on between OK/Cancel/Defaults at the bottom).

I’m not super familiar with LIRC but whats going on here? How do I make single key presses behave correctly?


FWIW: I installed the OSMC March 2017 update and I’m still getting the same results.

Does anyone have GPIO IR working on their Pi? I would appreciate knowing how you set it up because I’m just using the most basic defaults here and it’s not working.

I re-did the wiring for the IR and it seems to be working without issue now.

Not sure why a loos connection might have caused the IR to repeat commands. :confused:

In any case, check your wiring if you’re seeing this kind of repeat commands over GPIO IR LIRC