GPS Position possible?

Afternoon All.
Is there any known programs (compatible with OSMC) that would allow me to (with a gps receiver) show the current car position on a map but still retain minimal controls? (i.e. just show location and speed, rather than plan a route?) I use OSMC for car media for my children, but i know they often want to know whereabouts we are.

I have one of the remotes below connected for control, so I don’t need too much in the way of “navigation” just something like a google map that shows current position. (i also dont want my children saying, but dad it says go this way…" lol



Well any default program that would allow that would need an x-server which means you would have to switch between Kodi and the x-server, not sure if you want that. If you don’t want that then you most likely would have to have a Kodi addon that gets the data from a command line program.
If you would be ok to switch between Kodi and x-server when using GPS just search goggle for "Debian GPS* should lead you to something

Thanks for the quick reply. How “clunky” would it be to switch between the two?

Well you can assign a remote button to do so but the switch definetly will take several seconds