Grab a Vero 4K for £99 today - OSMC

We're trying to move into a larger space and grow OSMC further. We hope you can help us with this and snag a bargain in the process.

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The offer does not seem to be active? When I click the Grab yours-link, I’m redirected to the store at a price of 119£.

I don’t think 24 hours has passed since you put up the offer :slight_smile: (6 hours, it looks like)

Go to the checkout :wink:

Screenshot from 2017-10-15 17-21-23

Ah, got it :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Excellent, been considering buying one over the weekend.

Order now placed :slight_smile:

Been considering for a while as well and this was the price breaking point for me…ATV1 with Openelec has been good to me for many years but the time has come to replace - exciting times

Well great to hear about the offer, however my Vero 4k has not arrived yet and I already overpaid 10 GBP for it. Would there be a possibility to also be able to benefit from it? Many thanks.

Hi – we will honour the discount for orders placed a couple of days before the offer and have already done so for a couple of customers.

Please send me your order # via PM so we can look in to this further.

The offer itself now has expired however; so new orders cannot benefit from this promotion.

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Dear @sam_nazarko thank you for your quick reply. Unfortunately I don’t know how or who to PM. Clicking on your name did not give me any special options, besides seeing an impressive profile with many badges :slight_smile: Is there an email I could use or can I just post the order number here? Many thanks.

edit: Found out how to PM, however I cannot send PM’s to you (error message). Any alternative?

You can put your order # here.

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Dear @sam_nazarko for your quick replies. My order ID is Order #11216 and many thanks in letting me know if that would be possible :slight_smile:

Have a nice week. J

Hi Sam,

I had ordered a V4K (order # 11227) right before the special promotion was offered over the past weekend. Saw that you may extend the extra discount retroactively to a few orders prior to the announcement. My initial reaction to it was, “great!” Then, while I appreciate the kind gesture … if my order is qualified for the special promotion, please … NO need to refund and considered the 10 pounds my donation.

OSMC has been running strong on my RPi 3 for about a month. It has been great that I decided to place an order for the V4K! I am looking forward to the final version of Kodi 18 to come for Netflix integration as well. Please keep up the good work!




Hi @johev83

I’ve now issued a refund of £10 to your original payment method.
I can see that the item arrived in Belgium on Friday, so I suspect you will receive it tomorrow or Wednesday.


Thanks for the kind words.

I hope you enjoy the new device


Dear @sam_nazarko, I would like to thank you very much for kindly including me in that offer. My birthday will be next Wednesday and I hope it’ll arrive until then :slight_smile: . I am an openelec fan which I run on my pi2 and recently pi3. However I was so impressed with your project and the dedicated hardware you’re supporting that with a pi3 ordered on Amazon (on the way) I still bought Vero 4k. I have high hopes for it and I’ll be leaving my feedback here, as soon as I have some time to play with it. Thank you once again and good luck with the project. Regards, J

Thanks! Have a good birthday


is there any way of getting some sort of ambilight system working on this? I use hyperion on a Pi and couldn’t be without it although I would love a vero

Sure just check here

Thanks dude that would be good! not sure I’m going to be pulling the trigger now though as it appears I am late to the party and have missed the deal.

Out of interest how to you interface the LED’s to the vero? can’t see any usb ports etc?

From the specs:
2x USB 2.0 ports