Green pixelation mkv-files

Hey guys,

Some months back I started having issues with green screen pixelation and I’m not sure what changed.

From time to time the screen, often just half of the screen, will turn into green pixels, and often follow the video until the camera cuts to another angle/shot. The subtitles and audio are unaffected.

I’ve tested the same videos on Kodi on Windows, and I can see that the videos seem to be corrupted somehow, but on Windows the pixels follow the colors of the scene, and I would say that they disappear earlier than on the rpi.

Someone said I should try and increase GPU mem, so I have it set to max on rpi 3 running osmc now. The problem persists.

Is there anything else I can try? I get the the videos are corrupt, but why the green pixelation?

Nothing OSMC can do for corrupted video.

no of course not =)

But why the green pixelation? And why is it visible for a longer period of time?

Who knows? Your trying to compare how two completely different pieces of hardware with completely different architectures and different GPUs view a corrupted file.

I know. Keep in mind, maybe I’m using corrupted wrong. The pixelation often just last for a second or two. The thing that bothers me is it’s green, not that it’s there. Just wanted to check if there was some known cure for it. Can’t remember Raspbmc ever showed green pixelation

I have noticed that on videos occasionally, often after a pause or a seek. Mainly on VLC in Windows but I did get one on the Pi the other day. The odd thing is that I skip back a couple of seconds and replay, it isn’t there. So it’s not in the file. It just seems to occur as part of the playback process. Have you tried that to see if you experience the same thing?

In fact if you google “green pixelation videos” you’ll find it has been a common question for several years on different OS’s. Nobody has satisfactorily answered it, though the usual suggestions like graphics card drivers and codecs abound.

Videos are encoding in the YCbCr colourspace.
And when Y=0 Cb=0 Cr=0 you get green, so it’s the colour you’ll likely see when information is missing (due to errors/corruption).

Given that mkv is a container, maybe it’s a matter of OSMC (or the hardware) being unable to decompress the video stream. A couple of days ago I tried to open an mkv with the video file encoded in h265 and my ipad would do the same, flickering video, mostly green, a good frame every 2 seconds or so, blocky most of the time and unwatchable. That was using VLC on my iPad mini, which uses the hardware to decode and process the video. I doubt the iPad has h265 support. The video played smoothly on my MacBook and my Kodi box (the one sans OSMC). So check the video using your PC just to make sure.