GUI hangs/freezes at various moments


I use RPI3 with OSMC and since upgraded to latest version, I’m having problems with GUI hanging completely.

I log in to PI via SSH and I usually stop/start mediacenter to restore functionality.

Sometimes it hang during longer period of rest and sometimes during usage (navigating through menu etc.)

Above log is extracted via ssh at the time when GUI stopped responding…

Please do not comment about type of addons I use… No need for that here

Sorry that I have to comment on that. The addons you have installed are know to effect the operation of the whole system and no one from OSMC will provide help for a system having those addons installed.

Ok thanks for clarifying that.

I thought if the one release works fine and the other hangs (nothing add-on-wise was changed) then it must me something release-related.
I understand that but GUI hangs even if add-on is not in use. But I guess that does not qualify fr support either… Never mind, I’ll wait for probable fix in one of next releases.

Many “Video addons” also install themselves as “Service addons”, (Kodi addons can register themselves as more than one addon type) or install some additional component as a service addon. Have a look through your installed and enabled Service addons list.

A Service addon can run at any time it pleases in the background while you are not “using” it and pretty much do whatever it likes within the boundaries of Kodi. And yes, that includes crashing Kodi and causing accidental or deliberate mischief due to either buggy coding or deliberate action.

A common side effect of misbehaving addons is GUI freezes/stalls and complete Kodi crashes. (Sad face in OSMC) So no, in general we are not interested in pursuing debugging these type of symptoms on systems that are infested with addons known to cause these type of problems.

If you try asking the same thing on the official Kodi forum you’ll get much the same response - remove the dodgy addons, then reproduce the problem with full debug logs or they won’t help you.

If you’re waiting for a fix in a future Kodi update to a problem that isn’t actually a Kodi problem, you could be waiting a while… If you are serious about solving the problem the first thing you should do is remove all these addons and see if your problem goes away. If it does, add them back one at a time until you find where the problem occurs.

Unfortunately due to the nature of how addons work and how much power a service addon has within Kodi, a process of elimination is really the only fool proof way to find which one is causing issues.

If you remove the addons and you still have the same issue then you may have a genuine problem - in that case post full debug logs taken just after the problem occurs and we’ll see what we can do.

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That’s a pretty hefty overclock. If you have unreliability issues and you are overclocking then always remove the overclock as the first step and check if that avoids the issue.