GUI HDMI feed constently resyncs on V4K

Hi guys.

Trying to get my old 4k back up and running now that my 4K+ bit the dust. I am having trouble getting it to provide a stable hdmi output from the GUI. Playing an HD or 4k video seems fine. GUI is running at 1080p@60.

The GUI looks find over HDMI when sitting ideal. But when I start navigating around, it will momentarily stop the HDMI output causing the TV to show the “no video” screen. A second later it will come back. I move around some more and the resync triggers again.

I turned on debug logging and posted it here:

I did notice that the CPU seems to spike around the time of the resync but it has to be sure since that happens to be when the video cuts out. I tried different HDMI cables. Different inputs on my 8x8 HDMI switcher. Different TVs.

Let me know if you need more info.

What about taking the switcher out of the chain. Does it work then?

Kind of. The video is stable but I was having a problem with it constantly rebooting when plugged into the TV. Similar conditions in that it happened when navigating and sometimes simply on startup. I assumed it was also related to possible CPU usage.

One thing I noticed with BOTH conditions is that if I unplug from the network and reboot, everything is fine. As soon as I plug in, the problems come in. Again, I assumed it has something to do with the CPU since there would be less activity when unplugged.


Could be that the power supply is not providing enough power. Did you use the Vero4k or Vero4k+ power supply?
Actually just looked at your Vero4k+ thread, that also could assume a power issue. While in that thread I would actually suggest to try recovery from USB Stick.

I’d try another power supply.

Thanks guys. Well…looks like i have TWO bad power supplies :/. The one that came with the 4k+ is totally shot, neither will boot with it, which I knew. But what threw me off was the one that came with the 4K still allows either to boot but intermittently which means it on its way out. Both register the proper 5V with a meter but I assume that drops under load.

I was able to find a pair of PS in my box of spares that had the right specs including the barrel so I didnt have to solider anything. Both units are now back up and so far so good.

How close to the 2 amps do the Vero’s actually draw under load? Could it be that they are constantly up against the max which wears them out quickly? Or are these just lower quality? Not trying to be insulting, its just I spent a lot of time trying to diagnosis this. Having both go around the same time made it really tricky. I suppose it could be some kind of power surge or something weird to hit the house but our power has always been very clean and nothing else seems to be affected.

In any event, glad both units a still good.


Vero itself, nowhere near. If you hang lots of stuff off the USB though you could be pushing it.

I’d be surprised if two PSUs from two separate orders failed at the same time without some environmental incident.

Glad the devices are good.

I agree. But to have just those two go bad on different lines/surge protectors) and nothing else makes me thing they are more susceptible. I have noticed in many posts here about checking the power supply. Is it something that commonly fails?

We see a failure rate of about 2 in 100 over a 24 month period, so I wouldn’t say it’s a common failure.