GUI is always cropped, calibrating resets

Hi Everyone!

I have an OSMC Vero 4K+, but I had initially this issue on RPi before. The GUI is always cropped. Calibrating the display helps, but it resets after I turn off the TV. I have seen that others had TV settings not properly set, but I have everything on Default (no crop, etc…)

How could I make this calibration persistent?

You should not use calibration. What’s the make/model of your TV?

You probably need to change the settings on your TV such that it is not using any kind of zoom, aspect, or similar kind of setting. If your TV is an LG you will want it set on “just scan” (google it).

As for the calibration not sticking, did you copy your profile from your Pi to the Vero? You may have an issue with your guisettings.xml file (in.kodi/userdata/. You may need to delete that file and reboot to get a clean slate on your settings.

Thanks for both of you!

I will have to look for the exact model number, as I don’t know. It is an old Panasonic Viera Plasma TV.
I have tried to look for these settings, aspect setting is set to ‘Just’. Haven’t found any other aspect setting that might change this working behaviour.

I have read somewhere that these old TVs don’t have an option to turn off overscan…

No, it is a fresh install. I have tried setting the calibration more than 10 times now, never got saved.

This is your main issue. The ‘just’ setting is for zooming in to 4:3 content. Your remote should probably have a “format” button that lets you cycle through the different options. You should also make sure that settings>system>display>resolution is set to 1080p.

Resolution is set to 1080p.

The other aspect options I have:

  • Auto
  • 16:9
  • 14:9
  • 4:3
  • 4:3 cropped
  • Zoom1
  • Zoom2

Which should be the right one?

Ps.: I thought that Just might the right one, this seemed the closest one option what others suggested, before that I had Auto. The same problem with that one.

16:9 overscans as well? I have never personally used one of those TV’s. Your best bet is to look at the back of the TV for a model number and google for how to disable overscan on that model number. This would be the most ideal as you ensure you get the best picture.

If you could post a log maybe that will show us something.

@chillbo and @JimKnopf have Panasonic plasmas I think.

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Yes I will thanks! I’m not at home right now, where the TV is.

As I remember correctly, there doesn’t seemed to be a difference between Auto, Just and 16:9.

Also it is not directly connected to the TV, I’m using a Denon AVR in between. But I had these problems way before I had this AVR (previously I only had Audio Receiver not AV), so I assume that it might have to do something with the TV itself. But I will look at both settings.

There’s an overscan setting with Panasonic plasmas. Just have a look at the settings menu of your TV under Picture/Advanced settings/16:9 Overscan and set that to off.

Thanks for everyone I have found it!

It was in System -> Other settings -> Picture Overscan.

The main problem was that the OSD language was not English, thus the (Hungarian) translate was not perfect and I couldn’t guess what features mean what exactly…

Lesson: always try English first…

Very good! :+1:t2: Here, I had to switch to English as well to be able to send the instructions. But every generation seems to have different wording. :man_shrugging:t2:

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