GUI/Menu issues during playback

I’ve been having an issue ever since the switch to Kodi 15. The on-screen displays/menus, especially the small Pause/Seeking window, get stuck. When unpausing or seeking, the small window is persistent. Sometimes it will go away minutes later, or I’ll have to stop/restart the video to make it go away. I’ve tried clean installs, OMXPlayer on/off, and other playback help form this forum. I’ve also had times where the playback gui is unresponsive and only play/stop functions work. I did another clean install and the problem persists. I can’t figure it out, really frustrated, and would appreciate some help.


Any different with confluence as the skin?
And different if “Limit GUI updates during playback” is set to unlimited (in video/acceleration settings)?

Confluence is the skin I’ve been using.
I set Limit GUI updates to unlimited last night, but still having issues.

Do you get it with a clean install?