GUI restart with specific videos

Hi all

OSMC is working great on my raspi. But for a few videos, the gui crashes every time I try to play it (sad smiley is displayed and the gui automatically restarts).

I tried to collect all necessary logfiles, hope did everything right. I reproduced the issue by trying to play a streaming video by a plugin:

Searching for the video name, I found the following ERRORs:
22:49:03 99.776649 T:1374938096 ERROR: ffmpeg[51F3E3F0]: [h264] non-existing SPS 0 referenced in buffering period

Any idea what’s going wrong here?


Can’t see anything wrong in log - we really need to get crashlogs enabled in OSMC for this type of issue.
I do note you have the audio DSP addon enabled:

22:49:04 100.255882 T:1947202544   DEBUG: ActiveAE DSP - Create - Audio DSP processing id 0 created:

Can you try disabling that? I’m not convinced it is reliable.

Thanks as lot for the suggestion! It’s even possible that I changed something in these settings recently. Works for most videos but apparently not for all.
I’m not home right now but will try it is I am.

You were right!! I deactivated DSP processing and started the same video that crashed the GUI last week, it now runs perfectly.

Well spotted, thanks :wink: