Guide to upgrade from 4/4K to V?

Ok I know this is a new release and, though I have not bought one yet, it intrigues me and I want to know what is the procedure, to make it as a smooth as possible, to swap out boxes from a 4K to V.

Atm I back up my kodi settings using the included backup tool so I am less worried about that, and as I use Jellyfin as a backend to my media everything should just sync as needed. However, I also have custom mounts, ssh keys, added tools for vpns etc.

So is it just a case of plugging in a USB stick with clonezilla, making and image putting it on another USB stick expanding the filesystem and then copying it onto the new V device?

I am curious how an upgrade is supposed to work.

Thanks, Sam. The device looks great and I am sure it will be a hit.

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Definitely No!

But using the internal backup/restore solution works fine as long as the Vero 4k is using a recent version of OSMC.

The settings would be covered in backup of etc folder while you would need to install the applications manually before you restore the etc folder


Backup and restore should work fine as long as the devices are both up to date.

The only thing to potentially be aware of is that restoring from a 4K/4K+ to a V may not enable the ‘Accelerate AV-1’ setting and you may need to set this under Settings → Playback.